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How to Start a Creche in Nigeria

creche business

How to Start a Creche/Day Care in Nigeria Introduction to Crèche Business in Nigeria Crèche, also known as day care or preschool to some is highly sort after. In this time and age when most parents are becoming very busy. The man is often not the sole bread winner of the family

How to setup a car wash business in Nigeria

Car wash business

How to start a car wash business in Nigeria Introduction to the business The car wash business is one that needs no form of introduction. This business is fairly common and you probably already know a lot about it. So I am going to be as straight forward as possible. The success

How to Start Frozen Foods Business in Nigeria

Frozen Foods Business

Introduction to frozen foods business in Nigeria Frozen food business isn’t a new name in Nigeria, matter of fact it is a household business name. Despite the fact this business has been around for a while, it is disappointing to note that many Nigerians have failed to see the amazing potentials

How to Start Waste Management Business In Nigeria

Waste Management Business

Introduction to Waste Management Business In Nigeria Waste management can be defined as the process of picking up, handling, and recycling waste. Waste management is A METHOD OF WASTE DISPOSAL which helps achieve a safer environment for everyone. It is also a method that puts our waste in good use. There is

How To Start A Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria

Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria

Introduction to Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria Starting a poultry farm business in Nigeria is a very wise investment decision at the moment. Given the federal Government’s willingness to promote and invest in agriculture and create a diversified source of income for the country. Launching your own poultry farm business may

Quotations & Pictures for Locally Fabricated Toilet Roll/Tissue Machines in Nigeria

Locally Fabricated Toilet Roll/Tissue Machines in Nigeria

Quotation for a standard embossment locally fabricated rewinding machine with transportation, installation, training, raw material. 1) Toilet Roll Rewinding Machine with Perforation, embossment and its Band Saw Cutting machine-------N1,300,000 *) Core making machine can be optional but if you need one, N450,000 2) Cost of Installation and Training --------------------------------------N100,000 (anywhere in Nigeria) 3) Cost

Deodorant and Perfume Production in Nigeria

Deodorant and Perfume Production Nigeria

INTRODUCTION In this article, We shall examine the deodorant and perfume  production industry in Nigeria and how an aspiring entrepreneur can plug into the opportunities available and grow a business. Deodorants are basically those fragrance products which are applied to the body to alter the body odour due to bacteria growth. On

How to start Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

laundry/dry cleaning business

Introduction to Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria Laundry is the washing of clothes with water, Dry cleaning is without water Over 170 Million Nigerians wear clothes daily, irrespective of age. 40 percent of this population are very busy persons; some in Government, some in Civil service, some Business persons, some Students, and some