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Home > Smpreneurs Premium Services (SPS) is one of the biggest business information and resource website you will find on the internet covering areas such as Starting a Business, Managing a Business, Business Funding, Recruitment, Financial Management, Business Ideas etc. As of this month, we have assisted more that 200 entrepreneurs start and manage their businesses using our Premium Services.

Our Premium services are listed below:

  1. Feasibility Studies (Research & Writing): Our team of researchers and writers will help you get adequate information about the business you choose. A completed feasibility study will contain information on the following: Overview of the business, How the business works, Method of Operation/Production, Capital requirements, Challenges /Risks involved in the business, Business Profitability, Prices and where to buy equipment, Training required and how to access them, etc
  2. Business Plan Writing: Our business plans will give you an edge securing a loan or convincing an investor and will also be instrumental for your day to day running of the business. A completed business plan will contain information on the following: Executive Summary, Nature of Business, Products and Services, Market information, Competition Information, Human Resource Management Plan (Organization Structure, Recruitment, Salaries), Marketing Plan (Sales Strategy, Marketing, Advertisements), Financial Plan (Capital Breakdown, Sales Forecast, Cash Flow Projection/Analysis, Income Statement, Balance Sheet), etc
  3. Business Website / Blog Development: We’ve helped setup amazing business websites and blogs for small business owners over the while and our team can help you set one up too. Here are the kind of business websites you can request for: A simple business website (with Home, About, Products & Services, Clients, Contact pages), A marketing business website (with the features of the simple business website with a blog page), An e-commerce website (with the features of a marketing website with a shop and payment page for ordering and paying for ordered products), A custom website (features to be chosen by client)
  4. Internet Marketing: Our Internet marketing service will ensure you reach more potential clients and maintain your business relationship with existing ones. Such services includes: Social media marketing (building and growing your business social media handles e.g: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Email Marketing (Building and managing mailing lists and automated emails to clients), Re-marketing (on Google and via third party sites).
  5. Automated Business Sheets Design and Management: A good financial book management strategy involves keeping and maintaining business book to record income, monitor expenses, and project the future of the business. Such automated books we can design for your business includes: Daily Petty Cashbooks, Sales Forecast (based on past sales), Profit/Loss Income statement, Cash-flow projection/analysis, Balance sheets, Salary Statements, etc.

To Pre-Order or to Request a Quote for any of the services above, please use the form below and we will contact you immediately with cost information and how to pay.

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