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Automatic Toilet Paper Roll and Facial Tissue Making Machines – Complete Set

Are you planning on starting a toilet paper roll manufacturing / facial tissue production business? In this post, we shall review and unveil the best, high performance and reliable automated, semi-automated toilet paper roll production machines you can buy for your business. When we talk about tissue paper machines, we refer

Quotations & Pictures for Locally Fabricated Toilet Roll/Tissue Machines in Nigeria

Locally Fabricated Toilet Roll/Tissue Machines in Nigeria

Attention: does not produce nor sell Tissue paper machines. The quotation below is from a local fabrication factory at Onitsha as at March 2018 Quotation for a standard embossment locally fabricated rewinding machine with transportation, installation, training, raw material. 1) Toilet Roll Rewinding Machine with Perforation, embossment and its Band Saw