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Top 5 profitable businesses for a Nigerian housewife

businesses for nigerian housewife

The need for Nigerian women to do businesses has now become more important due to the difficult conditions of living in Nigeria and because of this, many housewives are engaging in profitable ventures in-order to make at least enough to support their families. If you fall into this category, in this article, we’ll consider the top 5 businesses and ways they should be run that are guaranteed to earn you as a Nigerian housewife enough money.
So, in no particular order, they are:

1. Petty Trading:

This is the easiest go-to for a Nigerian housewife. If you love to buy and sell, then trading might just be the business for you. People are always buying and selling. Have you imagined how difficult it’d be to live without traders around you? If you have, then you definitely realize the importance of trading as a house wife in Nigeria. Many however do not make profits from trading due to lack of research.

To start a petty trading business in Nigeria that will earn you adequate gains to support your family, you must first locate your point of sale and identify the needs of people around. If you’re doing your business in your neighborhood, you should take proper care to see that what you intend to sell is what people will need and will bring profits. Decide carefully what you’ll be selling: household commodities, cooking perishable or whatever.

You can start petty trading with N50,000 or lesser and make N50,000 or more monthly.

2. Tailoring and sales of sewing materials

Tailoring is a good business to indulge in as a Nigerian housewife, if you have the required skill of course. People will always sew clothes, no matter the economic situation in Nigeria. There may be occasions, events, anniversaries or a person may just want to sew. What’s more? There are countless schools in need of competent tailors to help in the sewing of uniforms. Honestly, tailoring could never go wrong unless you aren’t a tailor to start with. You can even work without a shop by sewing from your home while still having enough time for house wife duties.
You need to market your tailoring skill though. Start by informing your neighbors and have them spread the word, tell friends and family members, go to schools, speak with your church or mosque, create some form of posters and if possible even, post your tailoring business & designs on social media. Competition does not matter in tailoring. In fact, there is often a professional association to belong to so as to foster good relationships.

To start a tailoring business, the price largely depends on the cost of the shop to be used. That aside, all other necessities should be fulfilled with N100,000 (for 2 sewing machines and other equipment).

As a capable Nigerian house wife tailor with adequate publicity, you can make N50,000 monthly. If you’re going large-scale, you can make up to hundreds of thousand monthly.

3. Hairdressing and sales of hair materials

Hairdressing is quite the business for housewives nowadays in Nigeria, if you have the skill of course. This business is similar to tailoring in that people will always patronize you, regardless of the economic difficulties. Women like to look good at all times.
Start by plating the hair of your friends and if you impress them, they will keep returning and they will return with their friends and neighbors.  In festive seasons like the Christian holidays and Salah holidays, there is usually an increase in the demand for hair dressing because everyone wants to look good and this is where you as a house wife in Nigeria can make enough money.

To start a hairdressing business, a shop along the road is highly recommended. Having settled that, N100,000 – N150,000 should be enough for all that you need: dryers, hair attachments, combs, towels, mirrors, oils and all others. If you are competent, you can make up to N50,000 monthly. If you’re going large-scale, you can make up to hundreds of thousand monthly.

4. Soap/Air Freshener Production

Soap and air freshener, especially the former, have been very relevant to Nigerian families and this makes it a very lucrative business opportunity for the Nigerian housewife. Soap in all forms, whether liquid, powder or solid, is highly indispensable to the average Nigerian. The same applies to air freshener too, and although its need is not as pressing as soap’s, it is also quite in popular demand.

However, you may be worried that the presence of popular cleaning products will affect patronage of your products, you are unnecessarily bothered. If there’s any way your sales will be affected by such, it will be positively. This is due to the persistent increase in their prices. The same goes for reputable air freshening brands. With this knowledge, you are guaranteed profits on your products. Just keep the price fair and reasonable, produce quality goods and avoid instability in production. It is recommended that you brand your products as soon as you begin to record significant sales.

To start, N100,000 is enough, except you want to go on a very large scale, which is not advisable, since it’s your first time. In fact, you can reduce the capital to N50,000 and still earn money. All materials needed are affordable and readily available. With the proper marketing strategies, you should make at least N20 on each produce. In a month, this can accumulate into tens of thousands or even more.

5. Restaurant or Food peddling Joint

If you love cooking, then this is for you! Which housewife in Nigeria doesn’t love cooking? Have you ever met a person who doesn’t eat? Of course not. We all find a way to keep our stomachs filled. In fact, no matter how hard things are, people will buy food and you will make your profits. But what type of people will buy?
For a successful restaurant business, choose a commercial location. Avoid residential areas, and focus on places where people work or do business and then setup there You can sell in shops close to the main road, markets (remember that no one has the time to cook) or motor parks. With the appropriate strategies, a restaurant business can be a goldmine. You will need at least N200,000 to start this. You can realize profits up to N10,000 daily or more

For a food peddling business, you do not need a shop or sales outlet. You can prepare the foods at home and then sell around from one location to another with hand driven food trucks. With less than N30,000 you can begin this and can make up to N5,000 profits daily depending on how far you can go daily.


The businesses for a Nigerian Housewife discussed above are very profitable, provided you follow the right strategies. You should check back soon for guides and tips from women who have succeeded at them all. By the way, these businesses can be started with lower amounts written but that would affect profits too. Let’s hear from you in the comment box. Questions, suggestions and feedback are welcomed!

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