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How to start Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

laundry & dry cleaning business

Introduction to Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Laundry is the washing of clothes with water, Dry cleaning is without water

Over 170 Million Nigerians wear clothes daily, irrespective of age. About 40 percent of this population are very busy persons; some work with the Government, some in Civil service, some Business persons, some Students, and some are naturally “ajebutters”.

Dry Cleaning Laundry Business in Nigeria

These categories of persons do not have time to do their own laundry and the risks associated with hiring a house maid is so high nowadays in Nigeria that they won’t even opt for that option but settle for a professional laundry/dry cleaner option.

You will have to agree that the task of washing, rinsing, drying, and ironing clothes is so tedious and time consuming that even the average house wife would consider buying a washing machine for this purpose but then, the poverty level in Nigeria at the moment, and the poor power supply rate, most homes will not be able to afford a washing machine..

For these reasons, the laundry and dry cleaning business has become a top and lucrative venture in Nigeria. A certain time, I was in Lagos and I stayed in the house of a friend whose father operates a laundry & dry cleaning business. I got to find out from them that it is super easy to make at least N500,000 monthly.

Laundry & cleaning business in Nigeria is not a capital intensive business, and you can start with very LITTLE CAPITAL & from your home till you can afford to rent an office or wash space when the money begins to pour in.

Chioma Okeke owns a Dry Cleaning and Laundry services outfit in Lagos Nigeria, she started out with a very little capital according to 101Business TV show in 2014. See the video below:

Stuff to Know before Setting up a Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

  • How to wash different fabrics
  • Learn the skill of dry-cleaning
  • Ironing different fabric materials
  • Folding
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Business development

Capital Required for a Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business Outfit in Nigeria

Small Scale: 10 – 50 thousand Naira (use your house for the business)
Medium Scale: 50 – 300 thousand  Naira (rent a shop for the business)

Equipment needed for the Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business

Depending on your scale of operation, a small scale laundry business can be operated from home with very few equipment such as:

  • Washing basins and buckets
  • Hanger
  • Starch
  • Iron

A medium scale laundry business will require you hire a space where your customers can find you easily and where you can engage workers who can resume daily, and for this you will need the following equipment:

How to Market your Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business to attract more customers

  • Home delivery – Offer to pick up dirty fabrics and return finished ones back to them.
  • Move Around – Have marketers that move around neighborhoods asking people if they need laundry services.
  • Don’t fail to deliver before deadline
  • Customer preferences – Some customers need their clothes to be handled in certain ways, do not forget.
  • Offer unique Services – Look at what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing, and improve on what they are not doing, while doing what they are not doing.
  • Offer better Prices – Offer a fair and standard price for a high service quality.
  • Get to know your customers – If possible, remember their birthdays and message them. They will feel loved and will love your business.
  • Print Fliers, Handbills and Business Cards – You never may know where it will get to
  • Brand your Finished Products – Have a branded packaging for every finished work you are about to deliver to your customer. Chances are that a potential customer will pick up the packaging after it has been discarded.

Pricing for Laundry & Dry Cleaning business in Nigeria

Here is the estimated pricing for washing and ironing but may vary depending on your location in Nigeria, so find out what is obtainable from your location:

  • Shirt – N250 per one
  • Trousers – N200 per one
  • Suit – N800 per one
  • Bed spreads – N700 per one
  • Bed Blankets – N1,500 per one

1 Year Income Projection for the Dry Cleaning & Laundry business in Nigeria

The business is a very profitable one. Using the price list above,
If you wash 10 shirts, 5 Trousers, 2 Suits, 1 bed spread, 1 Bed blanket daily, you will make:
2500 + 1000 + 1600 + 700 + 1500 = 7,300 Naira Daily, equivalent to 220,000 Naira Monthly.
In the first year, you would have made 220,000 * 12 = 2,640,000 Naira

More information on the Laundry & Dry cleaning business in Nigeria available NOW in PDF for a limited offer of N3,500. Download here

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  • Sample Business Plan (as a guide: company summary, start-up summary, target market, key competition, competitive advantage, operational procedure, pricing strategy, marketing plans, market entry strategy, sustainability plan, capital requirements breakdown, sales forecast, income projection
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