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Make over N200k Monthly from E-commerce Affiliate Business

ecommerce affiliate business

Own your own affiliate website where you promote products from the top online shops in Nigeria (Konga and Jumia) and products of the top online shops in the world (Amazon and Aliexpress) and make over 200k monthly. By the way what is affiliate business?

What is Affiliate Business?

Affiliate business is simply promoting other company’s products and services and earning a commission when the products are being bought. The best way to do this is by owning your own affiliate website. This is what most Americans, Asians and some smart Nigerians are using to earn a decent living now. There’s nothing sweeter than making money recommending products. You have no overhead costs just profits.

How does the E-commerce Affiliate Business Work?

The business model is easy and profitable. If you visit top online stores like Jumia, Konga, Amazon and Aliexpress, they have different sellers who sell on the platform. These online shops are looking for a way to reach more persons to come and buy from their site so that they would make more money so they open up their site to affiliate partners to select products and promote. For every time people click on the products displayed on your website and buy from theirs, they make money, you make a commission. The commissions range from 1 to 20 percent per item sold depending on the type of product and price and the online store.

How Profitable is this?

Amazon is the richest online company currently in the world. Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon is the richest man alive now. Aliexpress, Alibaba both e-commerce platforms are one of the richest companies in Asia today. Jumia and Konga are doing exceptionally very well in Africa. What does this tell you? It means people will never stop buying goods and most even prefer to buy online nowadays. This explains why these companies are in money. The opportunities are endless for you. Imagine you decide to promote Phones and Tablets from Jumia on your affiliate website at a commission of 5%. 5 sales of iPhone X worth 400,000 naira each, 15 sales of a hot selling android worth 70,000 naira each and 10 sales of a Tablet device worth 100,000 naira each will give you 202,500 naira as commission and this is just for phone and tablet category alone. If you combine this with promoting products from other categories such as generators, clothings, washing machines, etc, your monthly income is endless. Affiliate marketing is so cool yet most Nigerians don’t know about the opportunities.

Do I have to buy the products to promote them?

No. We will setup an e-commerce affiliate website for you and register you as an affiliate with the top online e-commerce shops  and once your application gets accepted, you can start promoting the products you are interested in on your website and other channels. Don’t worry, we will guide you on how to do this once you are started.

How do I know when someone buys a product am Promoting?

When you become an affiliate with Konga for example (same with others), you are given access to your dashboard where you can login and see how many sales you have generated and your commission. See our affiliate commission dashboard below. There’s no foul play anywhere and you are guaranteed of your commission once someone buys the product you are promoting.

konga affiliate reports

How do I withdraw and when do I withdraw?

If you are signing up as an affiliate of Konga and Jumia for example, you will get paid every month once your commission is more than 10,000 naira. You can specify a higher limit if you want. Payments are made directly to your Nigerian bank account upon request. For international online shops, you get paid via bank wire or paypal. We will guide you through all these when you begin.

Are there other opportunities to earn?

Yes. Aside making money from e-commerce affiliate business, We will create your website with an actual e-commerce shop where you can sell your own products too. You can import products directly from Aliexpress, Amazon and sell on your own e-commerce store.

We will also create a blog page for you to promote both your affiliate products and your own products if any.

How do I begin making money from this E-commerce affiliate business?

We will help you do the following:

  • Setup a custom design affiliate website with an e-commerce store, domain name and hosting
  • Register you as an affiliate with any of your preferred online shop (Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Aliexpress)
  • Setup a custom email for your domain ex:
  • Guide you on how to add affiliate links, affiliate banners to your website and how to access your dashboard
  • Link your payment details to the e-commerce affiliate site so you can get payments when you meet the payment threshold.
  • Help you setup a free Facebook page for social media marketing if you do not have one.
  • Add you to our whatsapp affiliate group where we train on affiliate business and marketing periodically.
  • Any other service you may need to help you succeed

All these for a give away price of 29,900 Naira valid till 28th February 2018 after which price will revert to 55,000 naira standard price for all services above.

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