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10 Top Businesses You Can Start Anywhere Without Money.

OR 10 Businesses for Entrepreneurs with No Capital

Gone are the days when you needed money and as in most cases a lot of it to start up a good business. In this day and age of information and the World Wide Web, you have so many options of businesses to choose from, most of these businesses don’t require money to start up and what’s good? You can do them anywhere in the world. These businesses require nothing but your time and expertise and dedication to work. With Time, you’d see the money rolling in. Below, I would be listing 10 businesses you can start without money.

10) Freelance:  Freelancing requires just expertise. That good skill you have, you can easily monetize it with this, be it website development or fast typing skills. just log onto or, register to list the services. People come there daily searching for different services and they will pay.

9) Drop shipping: This is e-commerce it’s highly gainful and you can start without money.  Head to Aliexpress or Amazon and source for a seller of the product you wish to sell, and then go to Shopify, Jumia, etc to set up an account and list the products you wish to sell. Once you get an order from buyer and payment received, log back to Aliexpress or Amazon or your preferred wholesale Portal, pay your seller  and instruct them to send the good directly to the buyers address.

8) Tutorial classes: If you are very good with a subject, start tutorial classes for older or younger people on that subject and they would pay you for teaching them.  Most parents will hire after school tutors for their kids on specific subjects, most often mathematics and English.

7) Information Marketing: This is a business you can start without money. Gather  information on a specific specialization other people don’t have. Then write an eBook and sell at a low fee on the online; the good thing is the internet has a wide audience on it, so you are likely going to make lots of money.

6) Affiliate marketing: This business can be started without money too. Visit  ClickBank or Commission Junction and register to become an affiliate, pick a product you wish to promote and you will be given a unique link. Then go ahead to promote the link online, when people click the link and make purchase, you get paid a commission. Earning for this business runs into millions.

5) Create An Online Course: If you have a degree and some expertise, websites like Udemy helps convert such knowledge into cash. You can visit Udemy, create an online course on a particular subject and sell there.

4) Blogging: Blogging is the biggest thing online now. Start blogging for free at Blogger or WordPress. You can blog about anything you fancy. Set up a blog, in time you’d begin to earn money from your blog.

3) Consulting: You can become an offline consultant for business or companies without money.  With your experience about a specific field you can begin consulting for firms around your area for a small fee.

2) Build Software: You can build a software and sell or sell ad space on it if you have programming skills, this will make you a lot of money. To learn programming skills, Visit Code Academy to learn now for free.

1) Events Planning: You can learn and go into cake making and venue decorations. With the high rate of events being held everywhere, this is a sure business you can start without money.

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