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Start Toilet Paper Roll Production Business – Complete Guide

Full Automatic Toilet paper packing machine for single roll

How to start a toilet paper roll production business

Are you planning on setting up a toilet paper roll production/manufacturing company in your country and want to know how to go about it? This article will guide you through how the business works and on how to get started. We can also help you prepare a comprehensive business plan on toilet paper roll production to enable you convince investors. Place your order.

So, In this toilet paper roll production business guide we shall look at the following:

  1. Introduction to the toilet paper roll production business.
  2. Top Reasons why you should invest in the toilet paper roll production business.
  3. How the toilet paper roll production is done.
  4. Capital Required to setup a toilet paper roll production business.
  5. What is required for starting a toilet paper roll production business.
  6. Machines and Raw materials needed for toilet paper roll production business.
  7. Toilet roll production business income and profitability projection
  8. Challenges and risks involved in the toilet paper roll production business.
  9. How to market and attract patronage for your toilet paper roll production business.

Introduction to the toilet paper roll production business

Toilet paper rolls also known as toilet tissues or simply toilet rolls are used by millions of people, families, brands around the world for cleaning purposes. It is majorly used to clean feces from the anus after defecation, cleaning the urinal area of a woman’s body after urination and wiping off of other bodily fluids like blood, semen, sperm, and so on. Secondarily, toilet papers can be used to clean non-bodily substances like flat surfaces (tables, desks,TV screens), house hold items (shoes, vases) and so on. The uses are numerous as well as important, and hence there is a high demand for the toilet paper product in almost every country. Also the toilet paper is a very safe way for maintaining your personal hygiene after using the toilet. Whereas ordinary paper will be too hard and ineffective and water not appropriate (because that would mean you have to either use your hand to direct the water properly to your anus), toilet papers do the job accurately, reliably and in a clean way. Toilet paper are usually available as rolls wrapped around a circular cardboard paper known as core, hence why it is called toilet rolls. Here’s what a toilet paper looks like

Ordinary toilet paper
Toilet paper – Credits:

The business of a toilet paper manufacturer is to produce these kinds of beautiful rolls using the necessary raw materials and the right machines.

As a toilet paper manufacturer, your target market are: Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Fast food joints, Schools, Religious organizations, Corporate offices, Big super markets, Online wholesale and retail stores, and so on.

In the sections below, we shall take a thorough look at how the manufacturing process works, the raw materials and machines used and other information about the toilet paper production/manufacturing business, but before then, here are:

Top Reasons why you should invest in the toilet paper roll production business.

Here are 5 top reasons to setup this business as soon as possible:

  1. There’s a high need for personal hygiene products in every country around the world.
  2. There’s a favourable government policy that promotes indigenous manufacturers in every country of the world.
  3. It’s highly profitable. The toilet paper roll manufacturing industry turn over billions of dollars every year.
  4. The raw materials are readily available and at a good price.
  5. The production process can be fully automated which can save operation and management costs

How the toilet paper roll production is done.

To produce toilet paper rolls, you first have to ensure you have bought the raw material which is Jumbo roll, and that your machines are in order. You feed the Jumbo roll into the Rewinding machine. This machine unwraps the jumbo rolls and passes it through the embossing unit which is then passed to the perforator down to the rewinding rollers and it comes out as logs. These logs are passed to the band saw machine for proper cutting into different sizes, and then passed on to the packaging/wrapping unit where they are arranged into bags.

Depending on the machines you are using, some or all processes involved in the production process can be automated.

Capital Required to setup a toilet paper production business

How much you need exactly to start your toilet paper toll manufacturing business depends on the scale of your operation and the machines you are going for. A fully automated process can cost you as high as  $20,000 (N7,500,000) or as low as $7,500 (N2,500,000) for semi-automatic and manual process. We have compiled some cool ways to raise capital for a new business. You may want to check that out.

What is required for starting a toilet paper roll business

Once you have decided to set up this business, here are what you need to put in place to get started.

  1. Business/Company Registration: Register your business with the appropriate body in charge of registration in your country. Registration adds credibility to your business and you will also be able to setup a corporate account for it too.
  2. A Manufacturing Site: Get a very spacious property in a good location that will be enough to accommodate your machines and operations. Toilet paper machines are usually space consuming.
  3. Machines: Invest your money in good toilet paper producing machines. There are full automated production lines, the semi automatic ones, and the manual. Work according to your budget and buy machines with good warranty as well. TMX Machinery offers that. You may want to check them out.
  4. Raw Materials: The main and primary raw material for toilet paper production is Jumbo roll. It is readily available. Just do a search for Jumbo roll sellers in your city and contact them.
  5. Employees: You need to hire employees for your toilet paper roll production factory. A minimum of four (4) factory workers will do, but you can make do of just two (2) if you plan on setting up a fully automated production factory. Aside factory workers, you may consider hiring an accountant, a marketer, and so on as the need arises.
  6. A delivery vehicle: Well, this may be optional for starters, but you need a delivery vehicle to deliver your finished produced toilet paper rolls to your distributors, wholesalers and retailers. We have found some good delivery vans you may want to consider.
  7. A Power Generator: This may also be optional, depending on the power conditions in your country/city. Toilet paper roll production requires heavy duty generators from 25KVA and above. You may want to take a look at these generators from amazon if they meet what you need.

Machines and Raw materials needed for toilet paper roll production business

The machines needed for the production/manufacturing of toilet paper rolls includes:

  1. Jumbo roll rewinding machine which perforates and embosses too
  2. Log saw cutting machine
  3. Band saw cutting machine
  4. Core making machine
  5. Packaging machine

In as much as they are listed differently and you may want to buy them separately, the fully automated production line has all or most of these machines in its design makeup. We recommend TMX Machinery. They are good, durable and reliable. We have already talked about the Raw material in an earlier section above.

Toilet paper business income and profitability projection

Profitability in this business will depends on a lot of factors like how many toilet paper rolls you produce per day, the capacity of the machines you use, the quality of the toilet paper rolls you manufacture, market acceptance, etc. However, if you can produce up to 5,000 toilet paper rolls per day, or 100,000 every month and there’s a ready market to consume it, you can simply multiply your produce by how much a single toilet roll goes for in your country and see how much you would be making per day and per month.

Challenges and risks involved in the toilet paper roll production business

The challenges and risks are just like every other business. It is important you know what they are so you can make a proper decision before launching this business:

  • Some of the machine parts are sharp and can be really disastrous to health if proper health and safety standards are not maintained — risk
  • Machines are quite expensive and technical as well and may have to be imported — challenge
  • Machines could break down and halt the production process for a while thereby losing time and money — challenge
  • You may face strong market competition especially as a new product — challenge

The good thing however is that challenges are solvable. They help you prepare better and make proper plans and not to discourage you.

How to market and attract patronage for your toilet paper roll production business

  • Go online. Build a website or a blog where you can showcase your toilet rolls.
  • Offer discounts and credit purchase to big time distributors and wholesalers.
  • Be creative with your rolls design and in wrapping design.
  • Print and distribute flyers.
  • Do adverts on newspapers, local blogs, radios and television channels.

So, dear entrepreneur, we wish you success as you embark on the toilet paper production business, but before then, you may need a professional business plan prepared for this business. We encourage you to pre-order now.

The information contained in this guide will help any one in the United States, UK, Wales, Germany, France, Canada, India, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, China, and other countries planning on starting this business. The process of producing toilet paper rolls is the same for every country in the world. The machines used may differ, the raw material and procedure are same. Please share!
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