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How To Start Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria.

Introduction to Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

The Bulk SMS business in Nigeria is not a new business on the block. Matter of fact it has been around for a long time.  At a time, it was a very popular online business most people invested in and it did pay off indeed. It is still a popular investment choice till this day. The bulk SMS business is also one you can expect profitable dividends from, why because it solves a major problem of information dissemination. So bulk SMS is in constant demand, and supply isn’t enough yet.

Bulk SMS can be defined as the process of sending SMS messages to multiple recipients at a very cheap rate, cheaper than what is offered by network providers. Using bulk sms to deliver your messages is cost effective and also time efficient. Bulks SMS business is expensive to start up and you can begin earning in the first month you start your business, isn’t that great news? If you are thinking of investing in this business, read on…

Capital Requirements for Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

10,000 – 50,000 Naira

How the bulk SMS Process Operates

Bulk SMS business as earlier stated is the process or act on sending sms messages to multiple recipients at a very cheap rate. This process is done entirely online, as an SMS reseller, buy a hundred thousand units of SMS from a bulk SMS provider company, you would be given a portal as your resell station by the bulk SMS company.  On your bulk SMS portal, you have or you can install a database of phone numbers and group them according to locality, sex, occupation, age, etc. This numbers you have are your phone number database, when a client wants a message sent, usually as a form of publicity to a certain number of people and group, you then charge him a specified amount per SMS sent. Your SMS selling price should of course be bigger than what it actually costs you to send one. In some cases, the client might provide the numbers you are to send the messages to. All you then have to do is add these numbers to your data base, and send the SMS to all of them. Charge same amount as before if you will.

Equipment Needed for Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

The business equipment needed for this business isn’t a lot. Actually all you need are

  • A laptop: You can get a laptop if you don’t already own one for 40,000
  • A reliable internet connection and a web portal for bulk sms business.
  • 100,000 sms units from YOUR BULK SMS PROVIDER COMPANY FOR 10,000 NAIRA

Bulk SMS Startup Process

The start up process is quite simple. All you have to do is head over to a bulk SMS wholesaler site online, this can easily be gotten with a simple Google search. Buy SMS units at a very cheap rate from the wholesale company as many as you can afford or want at the moment.  By default you would be assigned a portal by the wholesale company and your SMS reseller web portal would look like theirs.  You can then go ahead and customize your portal to your taste. Your portal would be credited by the whole sale company with the number of SMS units you bought. Then update your phone number database. Source for clients, when you get one, deliver the service required by sending the required SMS to the number of people requested and you get paid.  Note that you should send your SMS’s at a higher cost than you got them per unit, but way cheaper than regular network providers would charge per SMS sent.

1 Year Income Projection for your Bulk SMS Business

This business can be likened to a cash cow, because it is a steady income business and profit margin is very high. Buy 100,000 units of SMS, which allows you to send messages to 100,000 recipients. This would cost you 10,000 Naira. You would be buying an SMS unit for 10 kobo and reselling at 1 Naira per SMS sent. After exhausting your 100,000 units, you would have made 100% profit, earning 100,000 Naira, You can choose to resell cheaper for 50 kobo to beat competition and you would still be making a lot of money, earning 50,000 Naira per 100,000 units are sold. Now let’s assume you sell 100,000 units every month, by the end of the year you would have 1,000,000 Naira.

Challenges involved in running a bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

This business has challenges like every other business man chooses to undertake.It is a popular saying that challenges are part of life.

Below are some risks associated with this business:

  • Stiff competition: there are a lot bulk sms resellers, as a matter of fact there are a dime a dozen, so there is a very stiff competition. You may have to work extra hard to get patronage and to retain your customers so they don’t go to another provider of same service. Due to the fact that it takes almost nothing to start one, a lot of people have jumped into the business making it a very saturated one.
  • Anybody can get a portal: Being a bulk sms reseller requires no expertise. Anyone with a fair knowledge of how the internet works can send a bulk sms even free online!  To an extent this is the major setback of this business. It really isn’t an exclusive as some people even prefer sending the sms themselves.
  • Most people aren’t aware of bulk sms services. There are men and women out there who do not know they can actually send multiple sms cheaper. You need to get the word out there.

Marketing and Promoting your Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

  • Approach churches and organizations and offer your services for a discount.
  • Print and distribute flyers offline
  • Start an advertising campaign online.
  • Charge cheaper than your competitors, but not too low you don’t make a profit.
  • Deliver excellent service and on time, so your customers always comeback.
  • Follow up existing customers and offer discounts when necessary.
  • Encourage friends and family and customers to spread the news by word of mouth.

YOUTUBE Bulk SMS Video Tutorial:

Watch this tutorial on how to make millions from the bulk SMS business

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