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How to Start a Creche in Nigeria

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How to Start a Creche/Day Care in Nigeria

Introduction to Crèche Business in Nigeria

Crèche, also known as day care or preschool to some is highly sort after. In this time and age when most parents are becoming very busy. The man is often not the sole bread winner of the family and both parents have to work on every other day. Starting a crèche is beginning to become a common business. The need for it is on the rise and in truth there is a shortage of affordable and quality crèche available. Crèche/Day care provides immense value to the parents as they have a place to keep their kids while working and also be sure their kids are safe and learning. Parents have begun to notice the good creches do at the early developmental stages of their kids. “ A crèche has become the number one place parents think of when they need a good place for their kids to stay while at work,” says Mrs Victoria Badmus Md/CEO Best Kids Crèche Ikoyi, Lagos.

Crèche involves the care, educating and ensuring the general well being of kids. These kids would be kept in your custody by busy parents for a specific duration on work days. To start and run a crèche, understand that the job is tasking and may consume a lot of your day hours. Also ensure you are passionate about taking care of kids, and you enjoy teaching them. The latter is the major reason crèches are often owned by women. However, the gender of the crèche owner does not matter.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start a Creche in Nigeria

  • As a result of increase in demand, the crèche business is profitable.
  • It is not a capital intensive project.
  • If you are passionate about kids and love being with them, then a crèche/day care is the business for you.
  • The business is easy to set up and can be run from your house.
  • You will be offering an invaluable service to busy parents.

Starting a Creche in Nigeria

Capital Required

Between 150,000 – 350,000 Naira.

Crèche Business Operation process

The first thing in the sequence of things to do would be to get approval from relevant authorities (education board) in your locality to run a crèche. After getting your license to operate, rent a work space where your crèche would be located. Advertise and encourage parents to drop off their kids at your crèche, if and when kids are registered in your crèche, for the duration they will be with you, ensure their general well being and improvement. Take care of the kids in your crèche, teach them as well. At the appropriate time, create an educative recreational activity for them. At the end of the month or in some cases, more, the parent pays a fee. The fee is the stipulated amount you charge.

What you need to start up a Creche in Nigeria

These are the basic items, equipment you need to set up your crèche:

1) Work space: This is the most essential. If you have a large house, you can start with your home. But it is advised you rent a space where you offer your services. Rent a work space large enough and in a secure area. A wide work space would cost between 100,000 to 200,000 Naira depending on your location in Nigeria .

2) Children chairs and tables: Buy children tables and chairs for the kids who would be registered in your crèche, for starters you may not need a lot. A set costs 2000 Naira, buy as many as you can afford and as few as you need.

3) Kiddies’ toys and books: Kids left in your care would not only be taken care of but also taught. So to aid in teaching the kids, buy educational kiddies books and for recreational activities buy good toys. Kiddies’ books cost between 500 Naira to 2000 Naira, same thing with the toys.

4) Employees: You may find it difficult keeping an eye on all the kids in your crèche at once. You need help to adequately care for the kids. A Crèche employee’s starting salary is 40,000 Naira after taxes. This can be negotiated.

One Year Income projection for Crèche business in Nigeria

The creche business in Nigeria is profitable, as a matter of fact, it is very profitable. It is a business with guaranteed income stream and huge potentials for expansion and increase in earnings. We would be using the least possible amounts for this analysis. If you charge 10,000 Naira monthly per kid in your creche and you have 10 kids. That’s 100,000 Naira monthly. And 1,200,000 Naira in one year. The more kids you have, the more money you will make.

Note: With just 10 kids, you might not need an employee.

Challenges and risks of running a Creche in Nigeria

The challenges in this business and the risks have been surmounted by many people before you, so you can too. Here are a few challenges you might encounter while doing this business:

  • Kids left in your care may harm themselves while playing. Be extremely careful while taking care of the kids; make sure they don’t play with harmful things or step outside for those who can.
  • It takes a great deal of trust before parents are able to leave their kids with you. Building or getting this trust may be a small hurdle you would have to cross. So be honest in all your dealings and present a likeable personality.
  • Getting the right location and employee for your crèche is also not easy. You would be taking care of other people’s kids so you need the right employee who would be careful and patient with the kids. You would take the blame for anything that happens to the kids while they are with you so you have to get this one right.

Getting patronage for your business

To get patronage for your crèche, you should consider these:

  1. Spread the word around to family and friends, your first clients are usually those who know you.
  2. Join local clubs around and a church, and get them to know about your services. The parents who belong to same local club would patronize you.
  3. Offer excellent customer services
  4. Print and distribute flyers around your locality.

If you have started a Creche in Nigeria, Share your experiences with us in the comment box below or ask your questions if you are considering this business.

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