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Automatic Toilet Paper Roll and Facial Tissue Making Machines – Complete Set

Are you planning on starting a toilet paper roll manufacturing / facial tissue production business? In this post, we shall review and unveil the best, high performance and reliable automated, semi-automated toilet paper roll production machines you can buy for your business.

When we talk about tissue paper machines, we refer to all kinds of machines such as toilet paper roll making machines, facial tissue, hand towel, kitchen towel, Napkin paper, handkerchief tissue machines.

In this page, we shall be looking at the toilet roll production and facial tissue paper machines produced by TMX Machinery in China. These machines are foreign brand and used by several toilet paper roll/facial tissue manufacturers worldwide.

Machines needed for Toilet Paper Roll Production, features and functions

1. Full Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Production Line

This automatic toilet paper production line (WD-TP-PL1092-2800), consists of 1 or 2 or 3 sets of Rewinding and Perforating machines, 1 set of Log Accumulator (optional), 1 set of Log Saw Machine, or 2 sets of Single Roll Packing Machine and 1 set of Packing Machine for Multiple Rolls and convey belts.

Automated Toilet Roll Production Line

This roll production line will automatically change core, and unload the finished products, and automatically trim and seal the tails of the log, leaving a lip about 20mm to make it easy for consumers to start using the rolls without tearing the paper at the seal.

All the system are done by means of synchronous belts, nylon belts, gears and chains. Electrical sensor will be mounted on the different parts of the line to monitor the machine and stop it in case it runs out of paper, cores or any other unforeseen problems. The lubrication systems will be provided on the major parts of the line.

This machine weighs between 2 to 10T, runs at a speed of 180-200m/min and processes Jumbo roll of up to 1500mm maximum diameter. Machine power is between 5.5-32.5kw depending on machine model, 380v 50hz 3 phase (other voltage can work too). This single machine setup can handle the entire toilet roll production process. This does the work of the individual sets in number 2a-2e below

2. Toilet Paper Roll Rewinding, Perforating, and Slitting Machine

This toilet roll rewinding and perforating machine (WD-TP-RPM1092-3200IV) rewinds jumbo rolls to produce toilet paper with tail trimming and sealing. The finished products are neat, beautiful and with good embossing effect.The machine weighs between 2 to 8T, and runs at a speed of 180-200m/min.

Toilet paper rewinding and perforating machine

Industrial Roll Rewinding and Slitting Machine

There’s another model which is the Industrial roll rewinding and slitting machine (WD-RSM-1092-3200III) which has a double function of producing small jumbo roll and toilet paper roll, rewinding and slitting at the same time. It uses air-expanded spindle winding. Both have embossing rollers (single embossing, double embossing, steel to steel embossing, pneumatic embossing), depending on your preference.

2b. The Toilet Roll Log Saw Cutting Machine

This machines is used to cut long rolls with high efficiency and high capacity. It is equipped with advanced photoelectric checking system and large diameter of spiral cutter (610-1000mm), and can auto set the length and cut precisely. The log saw cutter adopts advanced servo driving, self speed regulating, PLC control and touch screen operations. The Log saw cutting machines are of various specifications.

Toilet roll log saw machine

Auto JRT Toilet roll log saw cutting machine

Specs WD-LGM-III has the following parameters: (Machine speed: 120-150cuts/min, Stable cutting speed: 100cuts/min, Weight: 2.5-3T, Power: 8KW, Knife diameter:610mm). Specs WD-LGM-IV has the following parameters: (Machine speed: 40-50cuts/min, Stable cutting speed: 30cuts/min, Weight: 8-10T, Power: 10KW, Knife diameter:1000mm)

2c. Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine for single and multiple rolls

The Full Automatic Toilet paper packing machine for single roll (WD-TP-PM1) is used to pack single piece of toilet paper roll as the picture shown above. It is automatic and fast. It comes with a super large LCD screen with human-machine interface for intuitive operation.It can pack 120-200 bags/min.

Full Automatic Toilet paper packing machine for single roll

Semi Automatic Toilet paper roll packing machine for multiple rolls

There’s the Semi Automatic Toilet paper roll packing machine for multiple rolls (WD-TP-PM3N). This packing machine is to push the multiple rolls of toilet paper into the one open bag and seal automatically. The speed is 8-12 packages/min

2d. Roll Core Making & Cutting Machine

This Roll Core making machine (WD-RC-TPM) is to produce paper core for the toilet paper rolls. It automatically withdraw and insert knife to cut pipe without stopping machine. Production speed is 10-20 m.min (higher speeds are available).

Toilet Roll Core cutting machine

Toilet Roll Core making machine

Other simpler designs exists like the Roll Core cutting machine (WD-TP-RCM-1575) and the Thick Roll Core making machine (WD-RC-TPM1).

2e. Toilet Roll Band Saw Cutting Machine

The Toilet Roll Band Saw cutting machine is for cutting the re-winded long toilet rolls into various kinds of standard, short and small rolls. It supports the rewinding and perforating toilet roll machines discussed in section 2b.

Toilet Roll Band Saw cutting machine

The machine consists of stander, saw blade driver, adjustment, tension, saw blade, grind operation table and hand table.Operating power: 2.2KW, Weight: 0.4-0.5T, Production Speed: 50-80 rolls/min.

Machines needed for Facial Tissue and Production, features and functions

1. Full Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line

The facial tissue production line exists in two form: The Soft Packing facial tissue production line (WD-FT-PL1) and the Carton Box Packing full automated facial tissue production line (WD-FT-PL2).

Soft Packing facial tissue production line

Carton Box Packing full automated facial tissue production line

Either one of them can do the job. The production line consists of one set or more sets of automatic box-drawing facial tissue machine, one set of one channel or two channels of face tissue log saw machine, one set of full automatic face tissue nylon film soft packing or carton box sealing (depending on your choice) machine and conveyor belt. Machine is highly efficient and easy to use. The production line reduces the production operation and the packaging person which saves the cost of production and management. This does the work of the individual sets in number 2a-2d below. Machine weighs between 2.5-8T.

2. Automatic Box-Drawing Facial Tissue Machine

The automatic box-drawing facial tissue machine (WD-FTM2-/210/2-9) comes with 2 jumbo roll stands with pneumatic type wide belt to convey paper.

automatic box-drawing facial tissue machine

It automatically lifts jumbo roll to reduce labour strength. It auto stops when paper breaks to decrease the waste of paper. It can be equipped with embossing unit, perfume unit, etc. A flexible cutting width between 100-210mm.

2b. Face Tissue High-Speed Log Saw Machine Single Channel

The face tissue high speed log saw machine single channel (WD-FT-CM) is used to cut folded facial tissue continuously and automatically. The cutting speed is so fast, single channel model can cut about 120 times/min.

face tissue high speed log saw machine single channel

Paper clip cutting part can be adjusted any time for different size of face tissue. Two channels for this machine is also available.

2c. Facial Tissue Automatic Band Saw Machine

The facial tissue automatic band saw machine (WD-BSM-FTII) is used to cut the facial tissue log from the log saw machine. It can be connected with packing machine to improve efficiency, and it need no workers to operate (increased personal safety).

facial tissue automatic band saw machine

The cutting effect is nice and neat and even. The cutting speed is at 80-110 cuts/min.

2d. Automatic Facial Tissue Soft Packing Machine

The automatic facial tissue soft packing machine (WD-FT-SPM1) is used to automatically pack the facial tissues, wrapping, helming and sealing with compact structure. Packing speed is 55-65 bags/min.

automatic facial tissue soft packing machine

TMX Machinery is a sub company of Wangda Group based in china. These products have passed internation certifications, and have been sold in over 50 countries covering Middle East, Southern Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe.

Here are some FAQ you will need to know before making the decision to import these foreign machines from China to your country.

  • Can I import these machines to my country? = YES, as long as there are no bans on the importation of manufacturing machines by your country.
  • How do I install and Operate the machines? = The Company sends a technical staff to install, setup, train you and test run the machine for free before handing over to you.
  • What can I learn from the training with the Technical Staff? = The technician will show you and your team how to operate the Tissue paper machine, how to fix and change parts, and how to carry out maintenance on the Tissue paper machine(s)
  • How Do I carry out maintenance on the machine? = Maintenance is easy, can be done with no technical knowledge. However, if a part breaks or needs replacement, you can snap and send to the technical team and they will send you a new one.
  • How much do the machines cost? = Prices depends on machine configuration.

Are you genuinely interested in these foreign machines, Let’s help you reach out to TMX Machinery Wangda Group, China. Contact Us

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